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How we used gamification to help Veritas partners tier up from Silver to Gold






At a glance...


Partner uplift programme built on Oracle Eloqua


Arrow, a global IT distributor selling Veritas products and solutions via their channel partner network


To drive partner sales of Veritas products and solutions by 'tiering up' Arrow's UK Veritas partners from Silver to Gold status


Veritas partner tiering is based on skills and annual sales. Moving partners up the Veritas partner tiering will therefore increase sales, as the higher the tier, the higher the deal revenue requirement. Arrow quickly identified that upskilling their partners in Veritas solutions and encouraging them up the Veritas partner tiering would satisfy the challenge.

Clear objectives were set and Pacific Marketing were tasked with:

  • helping non-tiered partners become Silver partners
  • moving Silver partners to Gold
Specific tactics were encouraged:
  • Partners needed to be engaged
  • Incentives could be employed
  • Arrow partner account managers would support



We have used Gamification to great effect on previous automated partner onboarding programmes so we created an “Aim High” concept which encouraged partners to progress up a 6-stage virtual mountain climbing challenge by completing sets of tasks such as consuming Veritas content, taking Veritas certifications and hitting the required sales numbers.
  • The process was highly visual and extremely engaging, taking on the form of an expedition from Base Camp 1, through 5 subsequent camps and on to a summit finish.


  • Eloqua


  • Exclusive partners were recruited via direct outreach from Arrow’s partner account managers and encouraged to a landing page to learn more and sign up. The landing page explained the process and outlined the tasks required for the partner to progress through their “expedition”.
  • On registration the partners were further engaged via email and were able to monitor their progress on their climb via their personal progress page.
  • Digital activities such as watching a webinar or downloading a guide were tracked automatically via click-throughs, whilst external activities such as completing a Veritas certification were tracked manually and then updated via the Eloqua custom object
  • A partner update email was sent every 10 days with a link to show their progress on the dynamic landing page.




The Arrow Veritas Aim High campaign is an evergreen programme, with new partners constantly enrolling. It has been a great success.

Our client, Arrow, won the coveted Veritas Marketing Innovation Award 2022 for both this programme and the Opportunity Identifier app we also designed and built for them.

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