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Download our guide to understand how to get all of your customer data in one reliable place.




A reliable CRM platform collates all of your most important data into one, interconnected system. It turns all seemingly innocuous information into insight that, really can transform an organisation.

But selecting the correct CRM system to implement can be tricky. Download our ultimate guide for selecting the correct CRM for your business, and elevate your marketing activities.

Within this informative guide we will cover:
Introduction to CRM
  • Understanding the customer relationship landscape

  • Investing in a right-fit CRM system

  • Exploring common triggers for change

Buyer’s Guide Steps
  • Step 1: Consult with stakeholders and key users

  • Step 2: Identify your goals

  • Step 3: Assess your tech stack

  • Step 4: Compare critical features and capabilities

  • Step 5: Consider costs and ROI

  • Step 6: Outline your implementation plan



How we helped

The Social Change Agency

choose HubSpot


The Social Change Agency help groups and organisations build the structures, knowledge and networks they need to make change happen.

Their requirements for a platform included:

  • A way to manage grant applications and the distribution of funds
  • A central, single source of truth for all contacts and comms
  • Tools to manage marketing all in one place
  • Ticketing system to triage and resolve day-to-day enquiries