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How we enabled Bioscript to gain real-time visibility of their new business and pipeline activity across the group





At a glance...


Providing sales enablement and reporting clarity at group and BU level to medical communications consultancy, the Bioscript Group.


Bioscript Group, a medical communications consultancy, formed of multiple, specialist businesses that support global pharmaceutical clients using multidisciplinary expertise.


Work with, and train, Bioscript's new business team to capture all activity to HubSpot, then create dashboards for group and BU level reporting.


Established in 2005, Bioscript Group is formed from multiple, specialist businesses that support global pharmaceutical clients using multidisciplinary expertise.

Together, they provide medical communication services, market access consulting and regulatory writing support, to effectively navigate complex disease areas.

As Bioscript has grown, the need for consistent sales processes and access to data with common, consolidated reporting across the five business units (BUs), has grown with it.

Which is why they invited Pacific to help them with improving sales enablement and creating a much-needed reporting dashboard.


Buyer Journey Workshop

The end-to-end buyer journey workshop is a cornerstone and vital first stage for most of our projects.  

The Bioscript project began with an intensive day, covering all the new business activities, such as early-stage RFPs to final sales orders. By exploring the buyer journey from several perspectives: we examined the 'as is' state for each BU and the 'to be' state, for the desired common process. 

Collaboration is key to a successful outcome

Given that common sales process and reporting objectives were to be applied across diverse, independent BUs, with different cultures and needs, it was vital to work closely with all the stakeholders.

The Project Steering Group comprised of around a dozen members from across the businesses, including those from Business Development, the Board and the Senior Leadership Team. Additional views were also sought, as and when required. Together, they were highly supportive of the project and provided valuable feedback to help shape the outcome.


The end-to-end buyer journey workshop outputs enabled us to create a clear sales process map. From this, we identified the right sales pipeline tools and processes to build in Bioscript’s existing CRM, HubSpot.

But as anyone who works with sales teams knows, having the right sales tools available means nothing if your people are not willing and able to use them.

That’s why several ‘drop-in’ training sessions were run, enabling everyone to discover what the new system could offer and how easy it was to use. For the first few sessions, Pacific took the lead, presenting the tools and demonstrating the practical aspects. But as the internal project team’s confidence grew, they took over, leaving Pacific to handle the more complex, technical questions.


As an organisation comprised of different BUs, all run independently, providing consolidated management reports was challenging and time-consuming.

However, with the right tools in place and the creation of custom-designed dashboards, Bioscript can now access the right sales data at both individual BU and combined group level.


One of the benefits of HubSpot is that it can be so much more than a simple CRM. By integrating CMAP, Bioscript's resource/project management platform into HubSpot, we have been able to ensure they have full visibility of all projects, as well as new business activity.


With such different BUs, offering different propositions, it was difficult and time-consuming to keep track of all the possible opportunities and consolidate them into management reports.

Using HubSpot, we helped Bioscript to gain real visibility of their new business sales activity by:

  • Aligning the whole group around the buyer journey process
  • Providing the right tools for sales enablement
  • Training the BUs sales teams and internal project management team to become self-sufficient in using and managing HubSpot
  • Replacing previously time-consuming tasks, such as sales data collection with an automated,  customised reporting dashboard
  • Providing much needed visibility of new business and pipeline activity across the group and at BU level


Bioscript were looking for more than a company who could simply give them sales tools and a reporting dashboard.

“As Group Commercial Lead, I need to be able to have excellent visibility of the group’s consolidated and individual operations, including sales activity. Before the HubSpot developments, collecting sales data was extremely time-consuming, and in some cases, I even had to get individual deal information.

Pacific understood my challenges and what I needed.

With the new dashboard in place, it makes providing investor reports and the like much easier. I now have visibility of new business and the sales pipeline in real-time, making reports more accurate. It’s also probably saved me around two days a month, which is a very welcome - time is always precious.”

Dolan Desai, Group Commercial Lead

“With Pacific, we had real collaboration. Their knowledge and expertise made a huge difference to the project outcome.

Although we already had HubSpot, adoption was low. Therefore, we relied heavily on Pacific’s guidance and experience in sales and marketing best practices and how to configure the HubSpot tools; I think this was a key factor in the project’s success.

Their sensitivity towards working with the different BUs and change management, meant that everyone was heard. Ideas were tested and thoughtfully challenged, and as a result, we have processes and systems that are embraced and adopted across the group.

Finally, Justin and his team also took an honest, long-term view of our business, giving us advice and solutions that are not only fit for today but will assist us in the future. They are always very responsive, whatever we ask of them – whether that’s identifying new functionality or ways to manage user licences efficiently. They’ll always reply quickly and nothing is too much trouble.

I’d definitely recommend Pacific if you are trying to unlock the value of HubSpot for your organisation.”

Tom Joslin, PMO

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