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How we helped TWC Group, streamline for growth using HubSpot





At a glance...


HubSpot Marketing, Sales and Service implementation to automate and  transform TWC Group's whole customer experience using HubSpot.


TWC Group are a lean and agile data agency & consultancy, working with leading wholesale brands.


As an SME (of 10 people), the ability to do more with less was paramount. TWC challenged us to create a HubSpot solution that powers them for growth on a realistic budget. 


Founded in 2012, TWC is a data consultancy providing data services, digital platforms and unrivalled  market knowledge to help wholesalers and their suppliers to be more data led.

Ambitious to offer their customers a better and more consistent service, as well as increase efficiency across their small staff, they knew external guidance and expertise was critical for them to move forward using automation. 

Which is why they invited us to help them make the most of their existing CRM, to improve and automate their RevOps (marketing, sales and customer service) activities.


Buyer Journey Workshop

We kicked the project off with a day-long workshop, focused on mapping the end-to-end buyer journey, from mass marketing activities to increase awareness, through lead generation, to winning the business and onboarding the customer.

Creating the Blueprint

The workshop provided a valuable blueprint; giving clarity on all the different buyer routes, functional responsibilities, and helping the team identify opportunities to improve processes and ways to increase revenue velocity. It would mean to saying ‘goodbye’ to sending time-consuming individual emails and ‘hello’ to well-crafted automated communications, and a whole lot more.

Selecting the right CRM platform

However, it also became clear early on that while the current CRM was a good contact database, it would not be able to deliver all the of new capabilities and functionality that the team needed going forward.

For fully integrated marketing & lead generation, sales & promotional automation, customer onboarding at scale, and service desk & ticketing integration, they needed a new CRM - HubSpot.

And so, their journey began…


Transitioning to HubSpot meant the TWC team could employ one system across the whole business.

Starting with marketing, it ensured they had solid internal processes for better lead generation and existing customer comms, as well as a database that captured all the details correctly and efficiently.

Through further workshops we identified a clear, repeatable process for business development and sales pipeline activity, which we were then able to build and automate using HubSpot CRM.

The final phase of the project involved integrating HubSpot with JIRA to provide a full ticketing solution and creating a new automated customer onboarding experience for TWC Group's SaaS platform.


As a small business, time is precious, and resource is in demand. Using HubSpot, we helped TWC Group streamline their business for growth by:

  • Aligning the whole team around the buyer journey process
  • Centralising all customer activity, across marketing, sales, and customer success into a single 'point of truth' CRM
  • Replacing previously time-consuming tasks, such as customer onboarding with an automated process
  • Opening up new possibilities, such as automated marketing and nurture campaigns
  • Training the TWC team to become self-sufficient using and managing HubSpot


As a company with its own customer SaaS platform, TWC were keen to do the implementation themselves but found the support from Pacific to be invaluable along the way for two reasons.

Firstly, for our technical support and advice during the HubSpot design and build phase.

"Moving to a new CRM is really daunting but working with Pacific gave us the confidence we needed. Justin and the team were really helpful throughout, sharing their expertise and making it all so much easier.

Without them, it would have taken much longer and we would never have been aware of all the great stuff that HubSpot can do for us, or how to make it happen!"

And secondly, for our expertise and experience as the project grew and developed.

"As a small team, it's taken some time to complete everything. Part way through, we had some personnel changes but thanks to the customer journey map (which we love), we realised that we needed more digital marketing expertise to maximise the automation work, rather than face-to-face sales resource. This has helped us clearly define a new role in the team and recruit someone with the right skills.

It's hard to imagine at the start, what the outcome will be. Now everything is finally in place and we’re ready to fly solo. Thank you, Pacific!"

Sarah Coleman, Director of Communications

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How we helped

The Social Change Agency

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The Social Change Agency help groups and organisations build the structures, knowledge and networks they need to make change happen.

Their requirements for a platform included:

  • A way to manage grant applications and the distribution of funds
  • A central, single source of truth for all contacts and comms
  • Tools to manage marketing all in one place
  • Ticketing system to triage and resolve day-to-day enquiries