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How we helped Hellios Information manage their inaugural FSQS Live event, including online ticket sales, delegate registration, e-tickets with unique QR code and badge printing.





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HubSpot provided efficiency, automation, simplification and a single tool to manage a 200+ in-person conference. HubSpot was used to build a dedicated microsite, to promote and capture online ticket sales, generate QR codes for personalised tickets and track leads, registrants and attendees.


Hellios Information are a supplier information & risk management company within the financial and defence industries. The company develops and manages industry communities to create a single pool of accurate and up-to-date supplier information, from goods and services, through to financial and ESG data.


Hosting a conference requires a vast amount of dedicated time, which is challenging with only a small marketing team that have their day-to-day workload. Previously the team used various tools to manage promotions, purchases,  on-site badges and reporting. Our challenge was to bring everything into one place (HubSpot) to simplify and reduce workload.


Having hosted previous events on several platforms, the Hellios marketing team wanted to improve their operational efficiency and use automation where possible. They also wanted to consolidate all ticket sales and registrations into one place, using HubSpot.

Specific challenges the team faced were:

  • Managing the data - who has purchased tickets, segmenting marketing audiences between registered and prospective delegates.
  • The ability to easily edit the event microsite in-house when needed rather than relying on an external agency.
  • Lack of badge automation and printing, for previous events Hellios hand-wrote names on badges.
  • Easy real-time reporting on ticket sales, attendance and marketing stats without having to extract data from multiple platforms and manually amalgamate the results in XL.
  • Insight from marketing activity - knowing who has engaged with the microsite, email and social to segment identify 'hot' leads.

Hellios asked Pacific Marketing to help them use HubSpot as a single platform to manage promotions, purchases, ticketing and reporting.


E-commerce enabled microsite built on HubSpot CMS

We built a custom event microsite complete with e-commerce functionality integrated with Stripe for online ticket sales using HubSpot Content Management System (CMS).

Not only could the Hellios marketing team easily edit all content, text, images, layout, menu and price of the tickets, building the microsite on HubSpot CMS provided seamless integration with HubSpot CRM, allowing us to automatically capture both the ticket purchaser and delegate information in HubSpot, ready to be used in reports, workflows and email communications.




Manage data for ticket sales, delegates and dynamic reporting

Having the data all in HubSpot allowed us to build automations for:

  • People who have purchased a ticket - sending a confirmation of purchase email and tagging them as the purchaser.
  • Delegates who are registered to attend the event - sending a QR code for the ticke via email, a series of nurture emails leading up to the event, segmenting them to a lists, tagging both the delegates and their associated company as registered.
  • Promotional nurture email sequences to people/companies who have not yet purchased.
  • Dashboards - reports on total sales, number of tickets sold, who has/hasn't purchased from target audience lists.
  • On the day, we created a registration desk dashboard to easily see who has/hasn't arrived at the event.




HubSpot training & event promotion

We trained the Hellios marketing team how to:

  • Build emails using HubSpot's email editor.
  • Create and schedule social posts, using HubSpot's scoial management tools.
  • Run targeted LinkedIn Ad campaigns.
  • Build workflows and list
This empowered the team to be self sufficient, whilst knowing we were always on hand to help, review campaign the provide support when required.


Personalised ticketing and on-site printing

Pacific Marketing developed two custom apps for HubSpot to help reduce time and improve on-site operations:

QR-Gener8 to generate a QR code on-demand that can be individually associated with each delegate for a unique ticket code

Badgely-M8 to provide a deep integration with a 3rd party on-site badge printing company (Badgely) allowing instant personalised badge printing on-site. This integration meant we could seamlessly use HubSpot to check delegates into the event on arrival.






Using HubSpot allowed Hellios to have a centralised system to store event data:

  • Easy access to historical event data and a baseline for future events.
  • Custom data points tailored to their business ensuring simple data division.
  • A way to easily view and segment  contacts and companies.
  • Cost savings through being able to edit the microsite and manage the event campaign in house.
  • Time savings allowing team to work on other tasks whilst knowing HubSpot automation is in place.
  • Live badge printing via the apps built by Pacific Marketing and integration with 3rd party printing company.


"Using HubSpot allowed us to manage everything marketing and sales related to the event in one single place, which hugely simplified things from running promotional campaigns and selling tickets online through to tracking delegate registration numbers and automatically issuing e-tickets."
Lucy Slater, Head of Marketing

"The custom integration between HubSpot and Badgely, built by Pacific Marketing, made registration and badge printing at the event a breeze. The event dashboards enabled us to see in real-time who was at the event."
Samantha Caylao, Marketing Coordinator

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How we helped

The Social Change Agency

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The Social Change Agency help groups and organisations build the structures, knowledge and networks they need to make change happen.

Their requirements for a platform included:

  • A way to manage grant applications and the distribution of funds
  • A central, single source of truth for all contacts and comms
  • Tools to manage marketing all in one place
  • Ticketing system to triage and resolve day-to-day enquiries