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Why personalise when you can hyper-personalise!

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In our last article we looked at the pathway to CRM success. The route took us from segmentation, through contextualisation and onto personalisation.  

Segmenting your audience means you can narrow down which groups of prospects you intend to target so they get the correct message. 

Contextualising your message by matching it to a specific point in your prospect’s journey, helps you boost funnel conversions at every stage 

Personalising your message means treating your prospects as real people by understanding their pain points and providing helpful solutions to their problems when they need it, building loyalty and brand equity along the way.  

Get these 3 elements right and you will be well on your way to making your CRM the growth engine you intend. 

But let’s take a closer look at personalisation, and how we can take the benefits and super-charge them with hyper-personalisation. 

CRM’s are packed with useful demographic data that you can use to personalise your messages. The usual suspects of name, company details and job title help you build a little rapport with your prospect, but won’t do much to really build trust. However, activity and engagement data – now that’s a different story. Using this insight makes the difference between a personal email and a hyper-personalised message.

We can see you!

One of the little-known wonders of CRM and Marketing Automation platforms such as HubSpot, is their ability to track web behaviour. Understanding prospect movement on your website gives you a wealth of information about their need state, like:  

  • Are they browsing specific products?  
  • What content are they consuming? 
  • Have they looked at the pricing page yet and how long did they stay there?  
  • How many times have they visited the site? 

Tracking and logging this data creates a rich profile of their behaviours and allows you to hyper-personalise the content you send them.  

Visited pricing page 3 times in last month? …. Send them a discount code. 

Read a particular blog? … send them the next in the series. 

Aborted the sign-up process? … send them a reminder with an incentive. 

Hi, this is your digital assistant, how can I help? 

Track a prospects stage of their buying journey from the content they have consumed and their engagement with your emails. When they appear on your website you already have a pretty good idea of how close they are to making an enquiry or requesting further information, so you can use deal stages to trigger a bot to answer questions tailored to that stage.

Happy birthday! 

Common or garden personalisation’s such as birthday messages are a nice touch, but unless you have a real deep relationship with that customer they are in danger of being seen for what they are, a shameless attempt to simply pop into their inbox. 

A better use of important dates are renewal reminders or prompts based on an understanding of your customers stage in their development lifecycle. For example, if your product/service becomes more relevant as they pass or are approaching a particular milestone, e.g. if you sell accounting software for small business it may become more relevant as the deadline for tax returns approaches. 

Personal and timely, that’s a winner! 

CRM’s such as HubSpot have workflows where you can automate a delayed action until another action has happened, such as visiting a web page, consuming some content or completing a form. This helps keep your prospect flowing nicely along the buying journey, feeding them content personalised to their need states and aligning with them in real time. 

Applying any or all these personalisation tactics will drive more revenue through your business in a sustainable, cost-effective way. By using the simple but powerful and toolset from HubSpot, you can build deeply personal campaigns at scale and send the right message to the right people at the right time. . 

To find out more on how to turn your CRM into a marketing machine, please get in touch, We'd love to chat!